The California Department of Business Oversight recently issued a Desist and Refrain Order against World Capital Market and related companies WCM777, Inc. and WCM777 Limited, all headquartered in California.  It is believed that the companies are selling unregistered securities and making untrue and misleading statements in their sales offerings.  The California order follows a similar order issued by the Massachusetts Securities Division.

The amount of money invested with these companies is not known, but could be in the millions.  Nor is the number of investors and their geographic location known.  As the investment is being offered globally over the Internet, there could be investors throughout the United States and the world.

If you are considering investing with one of these companies, please use extreme caution and conduct thorough research.  If you are a Louisiana resident and have already invested or have questions and concerns, contact the OFI Securities Division at (225) 925-4518 or (225) 925-6550.

For other investor alerts and additional information regarding investment fraud prevention, please visit the Investor Education page of our website.

Updated August 21, 2017